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GST Registration process:-

Verification of documents :

1- Copy of Aadhaar card.

2- PAN card of the Business.

3- Proof of the business place.

4- Valid bank account details from India.

5- Goods and services list.

6- Authorized signatory details (In case of a partnership firm, Address proof and identity proof of partners) & (In case of a company, Address proof and identity proof of directors).

7- Certificate of incorporation for the companies.

8- Rent agreement (In case of rented site).

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Process involved in Incorporation of Goods and Services Tax

Procedure to GST Registration:

1. Visit GST portal, and you will find part A of form GST REG-01 over there. Fill the form.

2- With the help of One Time Password, the GST portal checks the details given.

3- Accept the temporary reference number(TRN) which you’ve received on the registered mobile number and e-mail address through GST TEG-02 form.

4- Mention the TNR number after filling up Part-B of the GST REG-01 form.

5- Affix all the important documents in this form.

6- After submitting Part-B, you will get the Application Reference Number(ARN) via SMS or e-mail.

7- You can check the status of your application by using the ARN number.

8- If any information is lacking or missing out, in that case, you will receive GST REG-03. After receiving the GST REG-03 form, you need to reply this through GST REG-04 form within seven working days. Don’t forget to include the additional information.

9- You will receive GST REG-06 after submitting all the details under the different forms. It includes the registration certificate.

10- If your details are inappropriate, then the authority may disapprove the application. You will come to know about this through GST REG-05 form.

11- You can submit an application through GST REG-07 in case you have to collect TCS or deduct TDS.

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